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Multimedia Production

Multimedia production is challenging, despite technological advances.

The barrier to producing and distributing multimedia content is indeed much lower than in the recent past. But deciding to engage in multimedia production is much more than just purchasing equipment, software, and giving it a try, no matter how enthusiastic you or your employees may be.

I consult on multimedia production, providing both expertise on the resources needed for multimedia production and online distribution, as well as workshops on producing multimedia.



Workshops are intensive classes.

With experience as both a management consultant and teacher, I know how to facilitate a meeting and teach a class. With my extensive background in multimedia, I offer workshops on:

  • audio and/or video
    • capture: basic, advanced
    • editing: basic, advanced
    • production: basic, advanced
    • podcasting/vodcasting—format, length, and needed resources
  • media-training
    • individuals—print, radio, video
    • organizations—print, press releases, press conferences
  • reporting: basic, advanced
  • photography: basic, advanced
  • slideshows: basic, advanced
  • clear writing: basic, advanced
  • clear speech: basic, advanced
  • personal branding: basic, advanced
  • storytelling: basic, advanced
  • speech: writing, delivery
  • rhetoric: written, spoken, performance.
I specialize in workshops for journalists, public information officers, public relations personnel, scientists, and science-coverage/science-based organizations.


Media Training

Media training is about self-editing.

Great writers learn to self-edit, but no writer becomes great without input from an editor. I'm a multimedia editor, and I've learned that word-choice, intonation, and body posture matter—I know what works and why.

As a media trainer, I consult to individuals and organizations, and offer both general workshops and tailored programs. I specialize in media-training for scientists and science-based organizations.



Websites are virtual offices, multimedia presentations,
start-up ventures, communities, collaborations, ways to raise money....

Do you need a new website?

Perhaps instead you need an improved or redesigned website?

May I assist you in expressing exactly why you need a new/redesigned website?

I consult on choosing a website, or improving it, or redesigning it, and why.

I'm not a website designer, and it's a completely different matter—deciding on a particular website design or designer. But with experience as both a web editor at Science magazine and web managing editor for American Scientist magazine, I have learned what works and what doesn't work through professional experience, so I can help you identify and/or improve a website that does the work it needs to do for you.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is both about discovering what you love to do
and marketing yourself so you can do what you love as a professional.

I know there are many barriers to discovering what it is you love to do. I have fallen over those barriers more than once: a college professor I once asked for career advice even told me that I was so well-rounded that I would roll in any direction he pushed me. Now, I've hurdled those barriers, and the teacher in me wants to help you hurdle those barriers, too. Indeed, helping others is part of what I love to do.

Once you've found what you love to do, there are many steps to marketing yourself so that you get to do what you love as a professional. I know those steps. Some of my steps are right here: this website, the links to my other activities, etc.. It's not at all hard to take those steps if you've found what you love to do.

There are smart ways to go about personal branding. Yes, you can find them on the Internet, but they're mixed in with the not-so-smart ways, too. In my personal-branding consulting, I'll help you distinguish between them, help you identify what you love to do, and help you create a personal-branding plan that works for you.