Robert Frederick | Multimedia Journalist


I like to learn, analyze, create, present, tell stories....

I share stories from where I'm fortunate to go.

I watch, listen, and cartoon.

I draw, paint, and tell stories sometimes without any words.

Singing is storytelling set to music.
Since age 9 I've sung—with auditions and performances—
and have been a semiprofesssional musician since college.

Selected Invited Talks

UNC School of Medicine
Digital Storytelling and Videos 2022

Nieman Foundation for Journalism
interviewer, Professor Evelynn M. Hammonds 2021

Harvard Political Review
“The Public Journal is a Public Trust” 2021

Massachusetts Institute of Technology “The Wicked Problem of Misinformation" 2021

Nieman Foundation for Journalism
“Stop Sharing V.D. (Viral Deception)" 2020

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“A Common Area of Valid Fact” 2020

Harvard Crimson
“Journalism During the Age of the Pandemic” panelist 2020

European Conference of Science Journalists
"New Reality for Media” panelist 2017

North Carolina State University
“A Case for Multimedia Storytelling” 2013

Wake Forest University
“Alternative Storytelling” 2013

Conference on College Composition and Commuication
“Science Writing 2.0: Telling Important Stories in a Noisy Age” 2013

Association of Writers and Writing Programs
“Science Writing for All” moderator and presenter 2013

High Point University
“Influencing Your Decisions” 2012

University of Chicago
“Taking the Next Step” panelist 2012

UNC Charlotte Inaugural Graduate Student Career Symposium panelist 2011

National Association of Science Writers (NASW)
“Disabling Technology—Don't Let Media Drive The Message” 2011

UC Santa Cruz (in D.C.)
“Using Online and Social Media to Reach New Audiences” 2011

Science European Office
“Transitioning to the Digital Age” 2010

NASW Student Mentoring Program - San Diego
“Journalism in the Digital Age” 2010

University of Michigan
“Covering the ‘Eureka!’” 2008

St. Mary’s College, Maryland
“Listen and Look: Telling Multimedia Science Stories” 2008

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation “Communicating with the media” panelist 2006

AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows
“Freelancing Science Journalism” 2004